Arunan Rabindran, Graduate Student, CS Dept. ,University of Illinois at Chicago


FALL 2005

CS 528 - Virtual Reality - Dr.Andy Johnson -

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Project 1 - VR Museum - Theme - Carmen Sandiego

Project 2- VR Museum Exhibit - Theme - An immersive environment in a cricket museum which allows the user to take a player's role

Paper Presentation - Immersive Authoring of Tangible Augmented Reality applications

Gun A. Lee
Gerard Jounghyun Kim
Virtual Reality Laboratory, Pohang University of Science and Technology

Claudia Nelles
Mark Billinghurst
Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand, University of Canterbury

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Final Exam: Lotsa Fun Arcade Game Company - A collaborative VR environment for a fantasy game world.  Question:  Read here  <<


CS 523 - Multimedia Design -Dr.Tom Moher -

Design Project - Scientific learning environment for kids from 5-8 grade to make them understand weather patterns better.

Read the final paper of the design here.

CS 426 - Multimedia Computing a.k.a Video Game Design and Programming. - Dr.Jason Leigh -

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Game Project Website: TONFUN GAMES  -- link coming soon


CS 594 - GPU Programming (Special Topics) - Dr.Andy Johnson -

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Project 1: Procedural Brick Shader

Final Exam: Billboard with fancy lights tutorial


CS 422 - User Interface Design - Dr.Andy Johnson -

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Project 1: iConditioner - A touch screen interface for a computer controlled thermostat

Project 2: User Interface for CTA train stations

FALL 2006

CS 527 - Computer Animation - Dr.Andy Johnson -

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Project 1: Anim8or - Simple Animation Project

Paper Presentation 1:  Debevac, P. (2006). Virtual Cinematography: Relighting through Computation. IEEE Computer Magazine 39(8), 57-64.

This paper presents a method to virtually control the illumination in a recorded scene with real actors using basis light positions and solving reflectance equations based on Plenoptic functions on 7 Dimensions (azimuth, inclination, wavelength, time of the incident ray of light in question & 3D position in which the light is beign sensed). Two examples of relighting a actor’s performance & relighting a large environment are also discussed. Future work might involve collecting more accurate reflectance data and analyzing it in various interesting ways.

Project 2: Alphaboids avec Mechanical Widgets

Project 3: Green worm with no name dancing to Thriller

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Final Exam: Critique of Episode "Syrtis Major" in the New Captain Scarlet TV Series

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CS 488 - Computer Graphics I - Dr.Luc Renambot -

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